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Maintain the ozone generator to understand the factors affecting the ozone concentration

1, ozone disinfection machine fittings should always be placed in dry and ventilated environment clean, and reliable grounding shell. Ambient temperature: 4 -35 C; relative humidity: 50%-85% (no condensation). 2, ozone generator maintenance, maintenance must be in the absence of electricity, no pressure. 3, regularly check the electrical part is damp, the insulation is good (especially HV), ground is good. 4, if found or suspected ozone generator damp, the machine should be taken dry insulation test measures. The power button must be activated in order to ensure good insulation. 5, regularly check the air vents is smooth, there is no covering phenomenon. Do not jam or vent cover. 6, ozone generator for each continuous use of the general maintenance of more than 4 hours. 7, ozone disinfection machine accessories using ozone generator after period of time, should open the cover carefully remove them with alcohol cotton dust. Ozone generator accessories: ozone generator accessories by ozone tube, the high frequency power, the fan and the control system composed of ozone generator. After the performance test showed that the gas source and the gas flow has a great influence on ozone production, with the oxygen content and the gas flow increases, the ozone yield increase. The ozone generator has high ozone concentration and stable performance. It has a good application prospect in air and water treatment. Main factors affecting the ozone concentration: the structure and machining accuracy of 1, ozone generator; 2, cooling mode and conditions; 3, driving voltage and frequency; 4 dielectric materials; 5 and the content of oxygen in raw gas and clean and dry. 6, generator power system efficiency (high efficiency, less heat conversion). * * * [manufacturers] ozone generator, ozone generator, ozone generator manufacturers, hand sanitizer, weighing hood manufacturer, the ozone generator ten brands, science and technology enterprises - the only domestic production of the environmental management system of Nanjing 025-66918288 http:// love Pak Shi.